Computer nerds may be your new God, but Brian Cox has always been mine.

We will always love you, Robert Allen Looney. The most powerful podcast interview I’ve done yet. I’m so grateful and truly blessed to have so much support and the most amazing host that provides a platform, allowing me to reach even more people. It’s a goofy episode with a powerful message.Check it out 😉 Click … Continue reading Computer nerds may be your new God, but Brian Cox has always been mine.

knock, knock. who’s there?

Superstitious- a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation. also - Morgan Marie Roberts During counseling this morning, I counted 7 times that I felt compelled to knock on this round, wooden side-table, placed next to the bright, orange couch I … Continue reading knock, knock. who’s there?

Iced Honeybuns and High Heels

Imagine for a moment that you are in a treatment program. Let's say that you're placed in rehab for your addiction to iced honey buns, from the gas station, conveniently located next to your house. (My Actual Reality) One day, during your favorite group session, you're asked to step out by a woman you had … Continue reading Iced Honeybuns and High Heels

live? you mean, without editing?

Yep, my first recorded podcast with no editing, no sound effects, no critiquing. Just us two, as we are, in that moment. as it should always be. 🙂 Be sure to checkout my interview with Matt Nappo on MINDDOGTV! Maybe check out his channel 😉 Maybe even subscribe? 😉 Matt Nappo