Identity theft is not a joke Jim.

In my last post, I was very transparent about the depression relapse I was experiencing. I only want to be honest with my writing, otherwise, what’s the point? I’m not writing a fiction novel. I’m giving the most raw version of myself in hopes to connect and help just one person. – When you isolate from everyone, but your animals and best friend, take the time to reconnect with yourself. I am being 100% real with you right now.. I did not realize how co-dependent I had become. Co-dependent on being needed, appreciated and giving my full attention to another’s needs, while completely forgetting about mine. My identity was stolen (that made me laugh) but it was! I was no longer living life for myself, I was living it for you. I learned that Margie, my corgi, helps with my depression when she needs to go outside or eat. She even throws tennis balls at my face. I’m literally forced to get up and face the sun, grab a snack and throw the ball across the room until she’s satisfied. Am I still depressed? Maybe a little, but I’ll be back to my old self soon enough.. and there’s no rush, because I am no longer wasting anyone else’s time.


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