Iced Honeybuns and High Heels

Imagine for a moment that you are in a treatment program.

Let’s say that you’re placed in rehab for your addiction to iced honey buns, from the gas station, conveniently located next to your house.

(My Actual Reality)

One day, during your favorite group session, you’re asked to step out by a woman you had not seen before.

She is wearing a pencil skirt with her blouse tucked in, nude pantyhose, a face full of makeup and painfully high looking heels.
You follow her and the crop dusting aroma of white rain hairspray, to a random, unused room.

Your anxiety started building the moment your name was called.
By now, you’re certain she can see your heart pounding right out of your chest.

After introducing herself and you shaking her hand,
without any hesitation she asks you..

Her- “How do you plan to pay for your stay?”
You slowly shrug your shoulders and mutter the word, “ummm….. “Insurance?”
Her- “Your insurance won’t cover the remaining cost of your stay.”
You- ” So, am I getting kicked out of rehab in the middle of my treatment?”
You- “Because of payment?”
Her- “Not if we can find a solution today.”
You- “ok?”
You- “What do you expect me to do?”
Her- “Call your parents.”

Now here come the waterworks, the panic, the anxiety, the stress.
All of these emotions working against you until boom, panic attack.

You call your parents and explain the situation.
You go about your day, uncertain of what’s to come.

Fast forward to the end of your stay.
Congratulations! You have somehow successfully completed treatment without any more financial hiccups and getting the boot. By now you just assumed that the payment issue was resolved..

Now you are walking towards the exit with your parents, you can’t wait to walk out those doors.

Not yet little lady
You’re suddenly directed into an office and asked to sit down.
Her- ” Let’s take a look at your total cost for treatment, after insurance.”
(Palm to your face)

You’re slid a bill with WAY too many numbers on it and told you have six months until payments needed to be made, otherwise, your debt is sent to collections.
You- “I thought you said after insurance.?”
Her- ‘I did.”

You-“Great! Thank you so much!”

Life goes on…

The End.

Well, It’s been a few years now and I still carry that debt with me.
I also carry the memory of that lady in a pencil skirt and high heels, who only showed concern for the money and none for the girl in recovery without any.

In light of that story I have an announcement..

I am now an ambassador for the non-profit organization
Project HEAL
As a Project HEAL Ambassador, I am committed to breaking down systemic, insurance, and financial barriers to eating disorder treatment.

I will leave a link to my personal fundraising page for anyone interested in donating. 🙂

I understand that Covid has strapped most of us financially, if it hasn’t taken our last cent already. I’m sending my love to everyone and hopefully we can start seeing light at the end of this long Corona tunnel soon! ❤



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