Hello Hello!

In case anyone was wondering…

I managed to flush that entire brain dump of mine with ease

thank you.


I took major steps this week in my grief and anxiety counseling session. I feel like I went into the session as Morgan and came out as Whitney.

Whitney is my “watch out world” alter ego when I’m feeling like Beyonce’.

I do everything in slow motion while Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard plays on repeat

and I don’t sweat..

There’s always a breeze hitting my face, making my hair look like a Garnier Fructis commercial.

Whitney is making shit happen right now.

Morgan is making shit happen right now.

Beyonce’ is making shit happen right now and should be our president.

Really though..

Root for yourself. Be your biggest fan. Tell people NO, so you can tell yourself YES. Speak your mind. Respect yourself. Free yourself.

Shit will start happening..


Until next time,

get on my level…

Love, Mo!

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