excuse me, may i use your restroom?


No, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ve been busy… I think? Am I the only one that feels like there’s an imaginary laundry list of necessary “things” to get done before you can get to the actual list of “things” you wrote down in your planner yesterday? Do I really have so much to do that I can’t take an hour to sit down and blog what’s on my mind? There’s no way..

It’s time for another Brain Dump people..

a brain dump is the act of getting all of your thoughts out of your head so you are able to focus on one idea at a time, and not have to worry about forgetting the other stuff.

i LOVE making lists..


  • finish editing episode 9 for podcast
  • blog about something
  • renew car tags
  • laundry
  • counseling sessions
  • bills
  • figure out episode 10
  • call your life coach back
  • eat
  • drink water
  • work
  • don’t stress about work

i told you guys i was busy..

Let’s prioritize that laundry list of mine, shall we?

  1. eat
  2. drink water
  3. work
  4. don’t stress about work
  5. renew car tags
  6. counseling sessions
  7. call your life coach back
  8. blog about something
  9. finish editing episode 9 for podcast
  10. bills
  11. figure out episode 10
  12. laundry


okie dokie!

so everything I’ve placed a strike through..

explains why number 6 exists.

  • most people don’t have to remind themselves to eat, but I do. ALARM CLOCKS!
  • my bills are all automated, so i can chill there. my bank account won’t forget.
  • work is stressful, get over it.
  • put a lemon in your water if you don’t like the “taste”.
  • finish episode 9 before you start on 10, duh.
  • you finally have a washer and dryer, wash your shit while you take a nap.
  • counseling sessions are every tuesday. for an hour. you enjoy them… c’mon.

the most adulting thing I need to do on that list right now is renew my car tags.

or how bout ya call that life coach of yours? i mean…. HELLO!!


Oh yeah!

I’m planning something special for my blog and podcast.

As soon as I finish my laundry list of “things” I need to get done.

I’ll tell you what it is..

I think i went a little overboard with this new BLOCK layout i’ve discovered.

Talk to you guys SOON!!!

Love, Mo

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