Alarm Clocks

Hi friends!

Just confirmed a guest spot on the podcast called Cold Turkey, in May! You can check his podcast out to get a general idea of what we will be discussing.

When I speak about mental health, I try to be as transparent as possible without overstepping the boundaries of those I am speaking for. We all have a different story to tell and i’m not trying to tell yours. I also didn’t graduate college with a degree in psychology.

I didn’t graduate college.

But, If I’m given the chance to change one person’s skewed perspective on mental health to a more positive one, I would be a fool not to grab that opportunity by the balls.

I have no filter sometimes and would never want to offend anyone with my, less than lady-like, manners. I mean, nobody asked me to open my big mouth and talk about such a sensitive subject. I decided to shed those layers and expose my nakedness all on my own.

Does that makes sense?

If not..

Experience refers to the past events, knowledge, and feelings that make up someone’s life or character. My experience is the psychology degree I didn’t get and the story I get to tell.

Okay, time for that update…

I read a book recently titled Life Without Ed. The author refers to her eating disorder as “Ed” and talks about what life would be like without him in it. I feel as though I’m stuck in that title. I can’t remember what my life was like before food consumed my thoughts. I’ve become so dependent on my “Ed” that it’s hard to imagine a future free of him.

One of my best friends added alarms on my phone as a reminder to eat throughout the day. Why? Well, hunger cues don’t exist anymore, but this is nothing new. I don’t remember if I have blogged about this yet, but seeing it’s been a year since my last post, I doubt I have. So, am I hearing these alarms and eating the food or snacks suggested every time? No, not every alarm, but that doesn’t mean I’m not trying my damnedest too.

If you find that your hunger cues are out of sorts from restricting food, then I suggest trying this. If you’ve been restricting for some time, this can potentially happen.

That Information, my friends, DID come from someone WITH a psychology degree.


I’m doing okay in this moment. I haven’t taken any steps back, but I still can’t see the light at the end of this long ass tunnel.

That doesn’t mean the light isn’t there..

Until next time, keep them hands clean!

Love Mo

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